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Kaede to Suzu The Animation

hd.FreeHentaiStream.com Kaede to Suzu The Animation

Kaede and Suzu is a twin sisters with total opposite personality, they are also a student council member along with our mc, Hayato. Kaede is a hothead who won't stop complaining for every single thing. Unlike her twin sister, Suzu. She's a very quiet girl, everyone in the school considers her as pure maiden. But they are all wrong. Nobody knows the true nature behind her innocent face. After school ends, Suzu invited Hayato and Kaede to gather in student council room. In the room Hayato saw suspicious box. Suzu know well that her sister is in love with Hayato, because Kaede always calling Hayato's name while masturbating... and now Suzu's pulling a trap for her sister. Kaede who was curious with the box, putting her hands in, suddenly her hands are all tied up.


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