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Injuu Seisen XX

FreeHentaiStream.com Injuu Seisen XX

This is the sequel to Injuu Seisen: Twin Angels

In 723 AD, eight celestial maidens ascended to bath in Lake Yogo, there one of those maidens lost her raiment and was unable to return to heaven, thus she married a man and gave birth to three children. The only male of those demigod children was adopted by the historical figure, Sugawara Koreyoshi, and thus became known as Sugawara Michizane. Sugawara served the Heavenly Sovereign well, but was ousted from the court by the schemes of his rival, Fujiwara Tokihira. In exile, Sugiwara was poisoned by his rival, and but because he was a half-deity he became a powerful spirit, known as Tenjin-sama. Fujiwara Tokihira used the dark side of Teijin-sama becoming a power demon named Oniyasha Doui the leader of the Demon Beasts. However, the sisters of Sugawara were able to conceal the Demon Beast into the Demon World. In order to keep them trapped, the siblings formed an organization of the Tenjin Watchers.

A millennium later, the Demon Beasts have finally found a way to escape their prison and seek to recruit Sugawara's heir, Onimaro into their ranks and terminate the Tenjin Watchers. Alas, the head of the Tenjin Watchers, Amatsu Genshu is too old to protect Onimaro effectively, thus she trust the family's heavenly raiment into the hands of her granddaughters, Ai and Mai. With the power of the raiment, the twins are able to transform into magical girls and slay the Demon Beasts with ease. However, the Demon Beasts are aware of their power, and thus use indirect approaches in order to defeat their enemies...


Injuu Seisen XX Episode 4

Added: Dec 23rd, 2020
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Injuu Seisen XX Episode 3

Added: Dec 23rd, 2020
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Injuu Seisen XX Episode 2

Added: Dec 23rd, 2020
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Injuu Seisen XX Episode 1

Added: Dec 23rd, 2020
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