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Garden: Takamine-ke no Nirinka The Animation

watch.FreeHentaiStream.com Garden: Takamine-ke no Nirinka The Animation

Tomo-kun's parents had to go abroad with unknown reason. He got adopted by Takamine family, his distant relatives. He grew more mature as time passed. Tomo-kun had to endure his dirty thought everyday about lewding Takamine's household members. Takamine Kasumi is a hot milf. She have two beautiful and sexy daughters, their name is Ayumi and Sayuri. Ayumi is eccentric girl who loves wearing a swimsuit under her clothes while Sayuri is a kinda strict and serious but is a very loving girl. Fighting his dirty thought was the hardest thing. One day Kasumi had to go to a business trip. She asked Tomo to prepare her clothes including her underwear then invited him to drink a beer. Tomo finally reached the state where he can no longer able to endure it anymore.